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LVNL ATS Reporting Office (ARO) - Tel: +31 (20) 406 2315 | +31 (20) 406 2316 - E-mail: FSC@LVNL.NL LVNL ATS Reporting Office (ARO) - Tel: +31 (20) 406 2316 - E-mail: FSC@LVNL.NL LVNL ATS Reporting Office (ARO) - Tel: +31 (20) 406 2316 - E-mail: FSC@LVNL.NL
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Homebriefing for VFR/IFR pilots – main features:

  • Interactive flight planning and pre-flight briefing based on valid ANSPs and EAD data
  • Alerts on potential conflicts between a flight path and terrain, obstacles or restricted airspace areas (TRA, TSA, etc.) in the flight planning phase
  • Information on current weather (METAR, satellite and radar images), weather forecast (TAF) and severe weather (SIGMET, lightning)
  • Flight route planning and specification of the lateral/vertical buffer zone along a flight path for selected AIS data – Smart Filtering Concept
  • A plotting tool to draw the planned flight path on a map and calculate navigation data as per aircraft characteristics
  • A display of lateral and vertical profiles of a flight path in map layers
  • Completion, validation and distribution of FPL form in accordance with ICAO Doc 4444
  • Safety warnings that alert a pilot of possible hazardous situations in flight, e.g. at a flight altitude in conflict with terrain, a VRF flight performed during an aeronautical night, or flight duration exceeding the aircraft’s endurance
  • Notification of potential flight path conflicts with active airspaces (FUA) calculated for a planned flight
  • Creation of pre-flight preparation documents in PDF file format available at the pilot’s convenience
  • 2D visualization of a planned flight

Homebriefing users benefit largely also from its capability to manage flight plans and to create detailed Pre-flight Information Bulletins.

Via Homebriefing, a user is able to:

  • Submit flight plan proposals and FPL-related up-to-date messages via dedicated modules
  • Create a FPL via:
    • Flight Log, a tool which generates a complete flight
    • ICAO FPL Form
    • FPL for an executed flight stored in an archive, or
    • a saved FPL template
  • Review a colour-coded status of submitted FPLs in FPL List
  • Receive FPL status information via:
    • E-mail
    • Notification in the application
    • Other media ( under development, e.g. WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Use stored FPL templates with pre-filled fields
  • Validate IFR FPL proposals for flights within IFPS zone with IFPS, and VFR FPL proposal with local service (ARO/CARO)
  • View NOTAM information:
    • in tooltips when hovering a mouse cursor over a specified map location
    • in NOTAM Viewer displaying a list of NOTAM messages according to specified filters
    • as PIB Report (Aerodrome, Area, Route, Narrow Route PIB) in PDF file format
  • Retrieve and view AIP information via AIP Viewer menu options in PDF file format

Other functionalities:

  • Aviation weather overview:
    • Colour-coded METAR/TAF/SIGMET depicted on a map with encrypted content
    • METAR/TAF/SIGMET/FORECAST accessible via METEO Viewer
  • Route proposals obtained from Network Manager

The responsive web design of Homebriefing enables it to be easily used in major web browsers or mobile devices of a proper screen size (recommended 7″ or larger display).

Data are supplied from information systems of the LVNL and EAD, however availability of the service cannot be granted.